Sustainability and environmentally-conscious choices are important to me as a consumer, and I hope to be an example of it through my business. These are the steps I'm taking to reduce Jordine's Place's environmental impact on our world.



  • All of my matte sticker sheets are made of 100% post-consumer waste. Sometimes they have small brown or black specks on them due to the recycling process, but I think it's worth it to avoid using new material!
  • The backing paper is unfortunately not recyclable, but I've found a few ways to re-use them. I usually use sticker backing paper to put together curated sticker sheets for friends, but sometimes I make small envelopes with them for smaller die-cut stickers!
  • I use an eco-tank printer, which uses refillable ink tanks rather than cartridges. Cartridges dry out/get used up quickly with leftover ink in them (that you often need to replace even when only one colour has been used up!), and are not curbside recyclable. Because my printer doesn't need to be refilled with ink so often, I also reduce the environmental cost of shipping!


  • I print on my envelopes so I can adjust my branding whenever necessary, without wasting bulk packaging.
  • I use paper tape to close boxes, which is recyclable along with the boxes, so you never need to think about accidentally putting non-recyclable material in your bins.
  • I re-use the scraps from the border of my sticker sheets (I cut my sticker sheets from letter size paper, which leaves a significant border of un-used space) to close envelopes and glassine bags.
  • I use glassine bags as inner packaging for my sticker sheets to protect them from the elements during shipping. Glassine bags are recyclable because they are made of pressed paper. The high pressure is what gives the bags a waxy texture.
  • My kraft envelopes are made of 40% post-consumer waste, and my white envelopes are made of new material. I'm currently searching for 100% recycled envelopes.
  • My boxes are made of new material, but they fit perfectly into Canada Post's "oversized lettermail" category, so you can re-use them to send gifts to friends and family for a very low price!
  • Any plastic that may be in your package is re-used and I encourage you to find a way to re-use it as well!


Next Steps

  • I plan on using up or re-homing all of my current materials before I buy new, more environmentally-friendly ones so as not to waste them.
  • Please share with me if you have any thoughts on how Jordine's Place could have more sustainable practices!