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Cursive Alphabet Sticker Sheet

Cursive Alphabet Sticker Sheet

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These cursive alphabet sticker sheets are a perfect addition to your stationery collection. The letters layer perfectly over each other to create the illusion of a connected word in cursive!

With 12 different colour options, you can mix and match them with all kinds of themes in your journals, pen pal letters, scrapbooks, and planners! Choose from the 12 colours, or purchase a bundle at a discounted price!

NOTE: These are very difficult to peel by hand. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a set of fine point tweezers to pick each letter up. I also recommend peeling out the "holes" in each letter before peeling the letter itself.

This is a matte kiss-cut sticker sheet made of 100% post-consumer waste! These stickers are perfect for bullet journals, pen pal letters, planners, and more.

Please note that there may be small brown/black specks on your sheet due to the recycling process. These stickers are not waterproof.

Listing is for one (1) sticker sheet unless otherwise stated.

Actual colours may differ slightly due to variations in monitors and photo processing.

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